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  • A ‘Green-pastured’ Desert

    A ‘Green-pastured’ desert 🌳 🏜️
    Wondering what that is about?
    Hold on!

    “There were two brothers, born of the same parents. Raised by the same parents in the same environment. One turned out to be a failure with the reason that his father was one so he couldn’t be different. The other turned out to be successful in the career path he chose. When asked how, he said; ‘It is true my dad isn’t successful, but I had to make a better choice.’”
    Now that is the point. The choices we make!
    Do you find yourself in an environment you detest? One you find inconducive for growth? One you find rash, harsh and toxic? One you can liken to a desert?
    Do you ever wonder why some persons are doing well in that same ‘desert’?
    Well, not all deserts are deserts for real! Yes! Read that again!
    Remember, what you see is perception but how you see it is perspective.
    ✓Change your mind. It begins from there.
    ✓Make better choices.
    ✓Be deliberate about the choices you make.
    ✓Do not be a captive of your environment.
    ✓Turn that desert into your green-pasture.
    Remember, your present is a function of the choices you made yesterday and your future will be a function of the choices you’re making today.

    Cheering you on,


  • 2022 in retrospect!

    2022 was that year we ushered in with great excitement!
    The new year resolutions were something else. Prayers were said like never before.

    Could you possibly take a break to reflect on how you’ve fared for 2022?

    Yes! How did you fare?
    How did you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.
    10!? Great!
    7!? Oh beautiful! You can do more next year.
    2!? Or maybe 1!? Even Great!
    You see, it’s not all about the big wins.
    You may possibly be thinking ‘I didn’t get that million dollar contract’ ‘I didn’t smash my biggest goal for the year’ ‘I couldn’t purchase that car or that jewelry’ ‘I couldn’t get a change of status’ and so on… ‘
    Have you taken out time to be grateful for those small wins? Do you even see them as wins?
    It got to start there! You must see and recognize the small wins, be grateful for them too. Only then can you reach the big ones.
    You just survived 365 days! Wow! How wonderful!
    You can recount never paying a hospital bill. Amazing!
    Now you remember you didn’t for one day go hungry. It can only be God. Even in this ‘Sapa’ regime.
    For all the times you made people smile.
    For the few lives you’ve touched.
    For God’s mercy you’ve swam graciously in.
    We can go on and on…
    The most important question now shouldn’t be ‘how well have I fared?’ but ‘how prepared am I to change’
    Winston Churchill said: “To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often”.

    How prepared are you to change?
    You must be ready to change the way you probably thought, or worked, or saw and even do things in 2022 so as to improve and become perfect.

    Think on this…
    The end of this year (2022) is the beginning of a new and better year(2023).

    Wishing you a prosperous 2023!
    Cheering you on!

    With love,

  • Welcome on Board!

    Hey! It’s a pleasure having you here. I’m super excited to be doing this with you. I’ve waited for this opportunity for so long. It feels good starting out finally! Yay!!!

    It’s my desire to lead you through this journey of life, sharing experiences, lessons and values as we go. As you know, we will go on this journey once. Hence, the need to live life consciously with an assurance of fulfillment and bliss.

    I really can’t wait to set out! I’m hoping you’d enjoy this ride as much as I would. See you soon ❤️

    This is Grace saying; I care very deeply about you and I love you. Come along with me. I’ll love to see you in my next post! Until then, be good and stay happy.

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